Student involvement at UNL includes intensive classroom instruction to help build a solid
foundation in biblical and theological studies, leadership philosophy and implementation, and real-life management skills. While in the classroom setting, students will focus on three major areas of study.

Biblical Studies

A solid theological foundation is vital in understanding God’s purpose for the local church and our role in it. At UNL, students will spend a significant amount of time developing that foundation in these areas of study.

Discover the Bible

A survey of both the Old and New Testaments that enables the student to see how the stories of the Bible come together to form a single thread of God’s redemptive plan for humanity.

Understand the Bible

A practical approach to learning how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible in order to make use of it in day-to-day living and effective church ministry.

Declare the Bible

An examination of the major theological themes in the Bible that enables the student to form a Christian worldview that defends against prevailing secular and religious worldviews and equips them to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Leadership Training

As Pastor Ed Young says, “Leadership is influence.” By studying crucial aspects of leading today’s church, students at UNL will learn to make the most of their influence and discover how to take risks that will advance the kingdom of God.

Foundational Church Leadership

An examination and application of foundational practices critical to successful Christian living and leadership, e.g. vision, authority, change, questions, delegation, honor, opposition, THEY, confidence, and integrity.

Creative Church Leadership

A practical look at why and how creativity in the local church can and should be utilized as a tool for reaching people for Christ.

Personal Development

Pastor Ed Young says, “To effectively lead others, we must first lead ourselves.” Through the personal development studies at UNL, students gain a solid understanding of their giftedness and how to use it within the context of the local church, as well as how to fulfill their responsibilities in day-to-day living. Students will also study church history to deepen their personal understanding of the unfolding work of God.

Unlocking Giftedness

A creative process designed to help the student identify his or her unique pattern of motivation and abilities in order to use them in a more strategic and effective way in life.

Life Management

A practical approach to the personal management of time and money, as well as the personal disciplines of fitness and grooming, with a splash of etiquette training.

Church History

An engaging tour through the most important events in the history of the church from the time of the apostles to today.