Gap Year

What is a "Gap Year"?

Starting college immediately after high school just isn’t always the right next step for everyone. For many, life directly out of high school is an uncertain time without direction. Taking a Gap year between high school and college can help to gain focus and direction for those important next steps in life. It’s not taking a year off; it’s taking a year focused.

How can UNL help me in my gap year?

Taking your gap year with the University of Next Level will bring you greater clarity in your calling, develop your leadership skills, and equip you with the tools you need not only to take on college but take on the world!

It’s not just about going to college to earn a degree in order to get a good job; it’s about gathering the tools to go toward your God-given purpose. Nine months with UNL will give you a lifetime of leadership and life skills that will produce self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem. It will be your opportunity to, as Pastor Ed Young says, “change your PERSPECTIVE, remind you of your PURPOSE, and reignite your PASSION for where God has placed you – no matter where that is!”