Ministry Coaching

Our Ministry Coaching is hands-on training in four key areas of the church led by the teams that make these ministries happen every week.

Creative Worship

Learn from a world-renowned team how to create a culture of worship and inviting others. Students will work side-by-side with the FC Creative team to learn the inner workings of what is required to create an unforgettable weekend experience. Students will walk away with knowledge of musicianship, worship leadership, creative writing, recording, team building and leading, and theology of worship.

Creative Media

Experience how media is utilized to tell the Greatest Message ever told in an applicable and relevant way. Students will be trained in film and video, graphic design, print and digital publication, live production and stage design. They will walk away with a greater understanding of how to communicate the gospel in multiple ways to reach a new generation.

Student Leadership

Be a part of one of the greatest student ministries on the planet – The Mix. Students will be equipped with an in-depth knowledge of how to strategically reach students through the development of creative talks, planning games and events for students, innovative programming and social media, and intentional outreach through Mix on Campus initiatives.

Children's Ministry

Know the excitement of reaching the next generation with FC Kids. Students walk away with knowledge of curriculum development, planning weekend experiences for children, set design, volunteer recruitment and training, safety and security training, parent connection, children’s baptism, games, leadership development through Biblical application.